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02 August 2007 @ 09:10 am
introverted teapots  
I don't usually blog about what I did, only what I'm thinking at the moment. And that's only usually when I'm really depressed, angry, frustrated, confused, ecstatic or I've just got too many words in my head. I'm none of those today, but then again, it's only 9 in the morning. Lots of potential to go berserk. :)

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting, to me at least. I got a B in my English class, which I'm really glad of. I interviewed Pastor Mike for two hours Tuesday morning. Enlightening- but only within a certain context. The Christian one, to be exact. He kind of waffled around the finer points, and he contradicted himself a couple of times, but we're all human. I left a message for the CalBaptist dude. I made a payment to my credit card.

I went to Paradise Lost, talked to my favorite angel, stared at all the beautiful people in the cast walking by, and met two people who know a bunch of Chamber Singers people. The girl (I think her name was Cynthia Glass)looked incredibly familiar- I could swear I've seen her somewhere, and she me, but the more we talked the less likely it seemed. We've been to a bunch of the same things, but managed to just miss each other every single time. The guy went to high school with Denise and Victor. Small, small world. Also, I talked to Craig (Eric Whitacre's assistant) for a bit, as he looked rather bored. Azusa Pacific University, double major in Church Music and Poli Sci. Interesting fellow.

Over the course of about 15 or 20 minutes, Cynthia told me that Paradise Lost had been a concept ever since 2000 or so. And the story before had a lot more biblical things in it. Excstasis (sp...) was supposed to be the keeper of light or something, and it wasn't the parents that had left, it was actually God. God was sleeping after creation- and a day to God is like 1000 years to us. And Excstasis was supposed to keep the light- supposedly a beam of light. If she ever put her hands into the light, the world would end. And then one day she did. Or something like that.

A whole bunch of Whitacre fans were there last night- coincidence. Heh. Cynthia commented that that was probably because California was where Eric has "whored himself out the most." Apparently he likes to go around giving invitations and conducting festivals all with the incentive of meeting "ME". Lol. It was so funny- last night after the show he was all dressed up in a black shirt that looked like it was from Metropark, black jeans and Italian loafers. Cynthia made some crack about him being so perfectly coiffed all the time lol. His wife came out afterwards too, dressed in a dark tan blazer, kind of frumpy like. It was a very entertaining contrast.

Oh, and I did meet his wife, Hila Plitmann. She's tiny- like 5 feet tall, and one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Incredibly personable, very soft voice. Which are the defining characteristics of sweet, I suppose. H'm.

Paradise Lost was a thing of beauty. They're hoping to have a recording right after the run in Pasadena. They're waiting for investors to pick them up. The run's been extended to September 16th. Jordan- my favorite angel with his blond spikes- told me that he doesn't think they'll go to Broadway if one of the stipulations is that Hila does not play Excstasis. But really, who wouldn't want her to play the title role? Crazy people, that's who. Jade mentioned that her vibrato was kind out of control sometimes. We'll see.

Joshua and I were driving back- we were about 15 minutes away from the theatre- and the tire blew. It was 11:20 at night and we were bellowing Rent at the top of our voices when there was a pop on my side of the car and we started weaving and wobbling. Not a good sign. So we pulled over and put the donut on. Actually, Joshua did most of the work. I couldn't quite get the nuts off. But I told him how to put the donut on because he put it on backwards the first time. And I put the nuts back on. We stopped a couple of times to check the tire and and to see if other stopped people were okay, I dropped him off and went home. I was very curious to see if the donut would blow or after I dropped Joshua off and he wasn't there to save my skin anymore. Buuuut nothing really bad happened. It was kind of fun outside the car- very windy and exciting. That's just the crazy person in me though.

I texted Daniel at 11:20 that the tire had just blown. The instant he got off work at 11:30 he called me to make sure that everything was okay. Then he stayed up until 1:30 because he wanted to make sure that I'd get home safely. Awfully nice of him.

Stupid tire. @^#$&#&@*#@**@& tire.

And I was going to stay at home and read today. :( POOP.

P.S. I think I've picked up "fail" and "win" from Kelsey and Bill and Mikey. I wonder if I should keep at it. I just found this webpage full of British slang that I could sink my teeth into.

I'll figure it out later, as I've got tires to worry about. Sigh.